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Shipping Your Competition Entries
Competition entries must be delivered at the designated KIBA official storage, by Mar. 2022. Detailed shipping information will be emailed to participating breweries after the beer registration process is completed. Late entries will not be judged.
Shipping Quantities

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11 oz (323 ml) 8
19.9 oz (588 ml) 6
Breweries In Korea
Breweries in Korea should deliver their beer to the KIBA host distributor in one of the following ways:
  • 1. Ship via Courier
  • 2. Deliver Direct
International Breweries
Detailed shipping information will be updated by Feb. 2022 on KIBA’s website.
Breweries located outside Korea may ship beer entries one of the following ways:
  • 1. International Consolidation Points
  • 2. Ship Using an International Courier
  • 3. Use Your Korea Distributor
Required Documents When Shipping:
Breweries must include a Commercial Invoice when shipping beers to the competition from outside Korea.
Commercial Invoice includes:
  • 1. Description — indicate “samples for evaluation”
  • 2. Declared value for Customs purposes (should be less than USD $150)
  • 3. Quantity of bottles
  • 4. Unit measure in liters
  • 5. Country of Origin