All Korea International Beer Award entries must be commercially available, fermented malt beverages conforming to the trade understanding of “beer” (see "Beer Eligibility" section below) and brewed by a permitted commercial brewery.
“Commercially available” means available for sale at retail at the time of registration.

All entry beers and breweries must follow the eligibility rules below:

Brewery Eligibility:

Brewery Eligibility:
  1. Your brewery is fully licensed for the manufacture and commercial sale of beer in your home country.
  2. Your brewery is fully open and operating with all required permits.
  3. Your brewery currently has at least one beer that is commercially available for sale at retail at the time of application.
  4. Only breweries that meet the Brewery Eligibility requirements are eligible to enter beers in Korea International Beer Award.
    * Breweries in planning, homebrewers, and other breweries not meeting these criteria are not eligible to enter.

Beer Eligibility:

Beer Eligibility:
  1. All beers entered in Korea International Beer Award must be commercially available for sale. Please note that a test batch beer brewed only for competition is not allowed.
  2. All beer entries must possess the characteristics generally attributed to and conforming to the consumer understanding of “beer.” 
    - At least 10% of the fermentable carbohydrates must be derived from malted grains. Beverages made with malt substitutes, honey, fruit or fruit juices, or anything other than malted grains as the majority of fermentable sugars are not eligible to participate.
    - Competition beer entries must contain hops. Exceptions to this include gruit or other historical beer styles that traditionally use other herbs or spices.
  3. Under the Korean liquor tax law, beer with less than 1% ABV is considered non-alcoholic beer.

    Not eligible: Mead, cider, spirits, hard soda, hard water, and flavored malt beverages including kombucha and most shandies and Radlers are not eligible to be entered in Korea International Beer Award.



A fee of $150 is due during the Brewery Registration process (- Feb. 29, 2024). This fee will cover your brewery’s first beer entry into the competition.
After the initial $150 application fee, the cost to participate is $100 per additional beer brand entered into the competition.

* More detailed information for registration fee can be found on the registration page.

Refund / Cancellation Policy
No refunds will be issued after Feb. 29, 2024 for cancelled or not delivered entries.